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By Sharon M. Weinstein and Ann Marie Brooks


320 pp., Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau, 2007, $49.95, e-book or paperback.


Brief: This resource is for all the nurses who have crossed their own borders, or might like to, providing visionary lessons and practical advice. Divided into three sections, Nursing Without Borders reflects the international nursing experiences of a host of nurse leaders representing diverse cultures. These leaders, pioneers in global nursing, paved a path of international partnerships and documented their stories for those considering international work. In Part I, authors address "Values," setting the tone for learning. In Part II, the authors address "Wisdom" gleaned from the typical challenges, but also from unlikely places. Part III is focused on "Success Markers," long-term endeavors that have forever changed how major organizations approach and manage global nursing work. Three additional sections offer success stories that are further broken out into "Collaboration," "Practice," and "Education."


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