1. Mills, Teri MS, ANP, RN, CNE
  2. Polick, Terri RN
  3. Schneider, Alisa MSN, RN
  4. Sullivan, Susan MSN, RN, PHN

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The board of directors of the NNNO wishes to thank AJN for exposing, in a diplomatic way, the misunderstanding that plagues those nursing organizations that remain in opposition to the Office of the National Nurse initiative. Despite that opposition and our lack of opportunities to talk with "the nursing establishment," as the AJN article puts it, the NNNO plans to continue its advocacy of the public's health by promoting this initiative as a part of any health care reform package.


Teri Mills, MS, ANP, RN, CNE


Terri Polick, RN


Alisa Schneider, MSN, RN


Susan Sullivan, MSN, RN, PHN