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Founder establishes new organization.


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The Center for Nursing Advocacy, founded in 2001 to "shape media portrayals of nursing," announced in February that the board of directors "felt that we were legally required to dissolve the Center as a corporation" because of issues involving poorly kept records and unpaid taxes that led to a "legal crisis." Founder Sandy Summers told AJN by e-mail, "I believe this was the result of my differences with a small faction of the board whose concerns were misplaced or fairly minor, since our records were in order and nonprofit charities like the Center don't generally pay taxes (I regret that we owed $17 in sales tax)." She has set up a new organization, The Truth About Nursing, with a new Web site at (Diana Mason, AJN's editor-in-chief, was a member of the center's advisory panel and was not involved in the writing of this news article.)