1. Clayton, Monica BS, CGRN
  2. McKeever, Sarah RN

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The specific aims of this presentation are to educate new managers of out patient endoscopy centers regarding: 1) How to read/interpret their accountants reports, 2) Identifcation of reasons for financial monitoring, 3) What to monitor, 4) How to use these findings for benchmarking, 5) and how to use statistics to improve endoscopy center efficiency. The presentation will include an Excel program that will present a monthly graphic example of the important monetary facets of the endoscopy center. It will also include suggestions for other aspects of management to monitor like drugs, supply, employees, and procedure equipment with a cost dashboard example. Emphasis will be made to use this information for benchmarking to improve the efficiency and care of endoscopy center patients. The presentation will include an explanation of accounts receivable and reimbursement. The Excel program will include an example of how to figure average cost per procedure for employees, supplies, and drugs. To remain viable, outpatient endoscopy centers remain profitable, and to remain profitable, nurse managers must learn to understand and control their budgets.


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We are pleased to present the abstracts from sgna's 36th annual course, SGNA: your gateway to opportunity. The diversity of these topics certainly reflects the richness and breadth of our specialty. in keeping with the tradition of the annual course, we hope the following abstracts will encourage discussions for improving nursing practice and patient care outcomes.