1. Hucke, Raymond MPH, OTR
  2. Prechel, James GTS
  3. Miguel, Sara San GIA

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This four hour-class will incorporate a formal 90 minute lecture with the remainder of time spent at a "hands on" lab. The lecture will cover the theory behind the hands-on application and will provide informative visual guidance to achieve the objective of each technique. Proper ergonomics will be discussed as well. In the hands-on portion of the class, the attendees will have an opportunity to demonstrate up to 12 abdominal pressure techniques. The lecture and hands-on portion of the course will offer the attendee proper ergonomics with a focus on safety and comfort for the patient as well as the caregiver. The goal of this course is for all attendees to learn and perform each technique and be able to take the skill back to their department to perfect and share with co-workers.


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We are pleased to present the abstracts from sgna's 36th annual course, SGNA: your gateway to opportunity. The diversity of these topics certainly reflects the richness and breadth of our specialty. in keeping with the tradition of the annual course, we hope the following abstracts will encourage discussions for improving nursing practice and patient care outcomes.