1. Byrd, Kathy RN

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The scalp is a frequent site of involvement for patients with psoriasis. Effective treatment is difficult to achieve, although multiple therapy options are available, including topical corticosteroids, vitamin D3 analogs, coal-tar-based shampoos, conventional systemics, and, more recently, biologic therapies. Patients with scalp psoriasis experience a negative impact on their quality of life, and studies indicate that healthcare professionals often underestimate the effect that the disease has on patients.



The case histories of 4 patients with scalp psoriasis who have been treated with topicals, methotrexate, and biologics will be presented.



Treatment efficacy has been variable for each of the 4 patients. They report that psoriasis of the scalp has affected their choice of hairstyle and clothing, reduced opportunities for career advancement, and limited their recreational options.



Effective treatment of scalp psoriasis is difficult and remains an unmet need; patients with scalp psoriasis experience a negative impact on their quality of life.



Treatment of scalp psoriasis remains a challenge to the dermatology professional. An effective management program for patients with scalp psoriasis should include assessment of scalp disease severity and quality-of-life measures.