1. Gorgos, Diana M. BS, MS, RN

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The poster will show my life in Kenya as a nurse/administrator and what I see when traveling and in setting up mobile clinics in the remote area of northeastern Kenya.



A series of pictures that have been taken over the past 2 years in the areas we have established/worked in mobile clinics showing the people, areas, nursing and family conditions.



Create awareness through the eyes of a nurse who has been working with the people to understand what they can do to change their conditions one step at a time with what they have available.



Each individual anywhere can help educate and lift the standards of living and health wherever they are. One does not know who they will impact in their own area to bring change to third world countries.



Understanding that medicine here is not the same as medicine in Africa-drugs handling/prescribing is not the same and presentation of infections are not the same, leading to diagnoses and treatment not usually found in our medical/nursing PDR/NDRs.