1. Raso, Rosanne RN, CNAA, MS

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Q Given the economic crisis in healthcare, several of my colleagues have been laid off. Is there anything I can do to minimize the chance of my position being eliminated?

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There are no guarantees in life, but my answer to this question is: Make yourself indispensable!! Seniority usually doesn't drive decision making when it comes to elimination of leadership and management positions, so your value to the organization is critical. Of course, you should be laying this groundwork all along and not waiting for the rumors and insecurity of financial crisis.


If your position is in an area with dwindling volume, workload, or reimbursement, then you should be looking to expand your scope of responsibility. Make sure you have an excellent relationship with your boss because you'll be best positioned in this climate if your boss feels you're important to organizational success and an essential member of the team. Find things you can improve that are aligned with organizational goals, lead change, and be visible with your outcomes. If your boss is looking for help with a project or committee, don't wait to be asked-volunteer and do it with genuine enthusiasm. Be the one coming up with strong ideas, especially related to expense reduction. Learn new skills, and don't be afraid to ask what additional assignments or skills are important for your future development. Remember, you want to stretch yourself but not to the point where you can't succeed or completely lose any semblance of work-life balance.