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energy, energy cost and supply, energy management, financial pressures



  1. McConnell, Charles R. MBA, CM


During the late 1970s, the cost of energy in the average health care institution, which at one time was rarely more than 1% of the total budget, had reached 3% to 5% or more of the budget. As society gradually adjusted to higher energy costs, the urgency for energy conservation felt in the late 1970s faded. True energy management, briefly a high priority, fell by the wayside. However, recent years' occurrences have made it evident that higher energy costs are here to stay and energy supplies are becoming more limited, in some areas, alarmingly so, at the same time that other financial concerns are making themselves felt. Therefore, energy management must be taken on as an active management concern. Much of energy management at the department level is a matter of awareness and attitude, and an energy-conscious manager can influence the staff toward energy consciousness.