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community-based participatory research, culture, domestic violence, feminism, health disparities, health disparities research, intimate partner violence, intersectionality, immigrant, intervention, Latina, mental health, nursing research, posttraumatic stress disorder, research methodology



  1. Kelly, Ursula A. PhD, MSN, APRN-BC, ANP, PMHNP


Persisting health disparities have lead to calls for an increase in health research to address them. Biomedical scientists call for research that stratifies individual indicators associated with health disparities, for example, ethnicity. Feminist social scientists recommend feminist intersectionality research. Intersectionality is the multiplicative effect of inequalities experienced by nondominant marginalized groups, for example, ethnic minorities, women, and the poor. The elimination of health disparities necessitates integration of both paradigms in health research. This study provides a practical application of the integration of biomedical and feminist intersectionality paradigms in nursing research, using a psychiatric intervention study with battered Latino women as an example.