1. Chu, Julie MSN
  2. Singh Joy, Subhashni D.

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According to this study:


* NPs effectively managed the care of pediatric asthma patients and provided asthma education to other staff members.


In 1994 St. Louis Children's Hospital implemented the Asthma Intervention Model for pediatric patients with asthma, in which pediatric NPs directly manage the care of children hospitalized with asthma. The NPs' responsibilities include performing physical examinations and recording patient histories; developing care plans; collaborating with staff; educating patients, families, nurses, physicians, and students; and leading others in promoting high-quality outcomes in asthma patients.


This study determined the program's efficacy by surveying staff and families and by examining hospital costs and lengths of stay. The attending physicians surveyed agreed that the NPs provided appropriate discharge education and were effective role models for interns. Nurses agreed that the NPs were effective role models and instructors for nurses and interns and effectively educated families and patients. Ninety-eight percent of the nurses had received asthma education from the NPs and were therefore better able to educate patients. Similarly, 98% of families strongly agreed that the NPs adequately explained the plan of care for their children. Interns demonstrated increased knowledge and confidence in caring for patients with asthma. The survey results also showed that physicians and nurses thought the NPs managed their patients well, and physicians agreed that the NPs developed appropriate care plans.


In comparing asthma patients admitted over one month, the data showed no significant differences between those cared for by NPs and interns in length of stay or costs. Compared with those at similar hospitals, the average charges at St. Louis Children's Hospital were lower and the lengths of stay for asthma patients were shorter.


Overall, the Asthma Intervention Model provided consistent care to pediatric asthma patients and shows the importance of NPs in the non-intensive inpatient setting.-SDSJ


Borgmeyer A, et al. J Pediatr Health Care 2008;22(5):273-81.