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  1. Berger, Jill MBA, RN, NE-BC
  2. Topp, Robert PhD, RN
  3. Davis, Linda BS
  4. Jones, Jeffrey MS
  5. Stewart, Lynne MSN, RN


The authors examined education records of 1,661 registered nurses from four affiliated hospitals who attended either a 1-hr face-to-face instructor-led training program, an instructor-facilitated Web-based training program, or an independent Web-based training program to fulfill a training requirement concerning patient education. The authors compared post-test results, course evaluation results, and costs and also developed a demographic profile of nurses' preferences for Web-based and face-to-face learning options. There was no significant difference in course effectiveness or satisfaction between the training methods studied; however, because of the large number of nurses who selected Web-based training, it was the most cost-effective alternative.