1. Kenneley, Irena APRN-BC, PhD, CIC

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Dear Home Care Clinician:


We are conducting a survey as part of a research project to determine the number of diagnosed and documented healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that have occurred among home healthcare clinicians, their families, or significantothers. We are interested in HAIs acquired as a result of patient care activities. We are also interested in gathering infection prevention and control information regarding:


* patient isolation policies in home care agencies


* use of dedicated medical equipment (stethoscopes, BP cuffs, etc., that do not leave an infected patient's home)


* clinician and family use of personal protective equipment


* family teaching protocols.



We are asking for volunteers, and the survey will take only 10 minutes or less to complete. This survey can be accessed at anytime in the privacy of your own home online at: for all participants: homecare


All team members and disciplines are encouraged to participate!!!!


None of your personal information will be collected orrecorded. We ask only for your zip code so that we cangroup the information collected by region (such as Midwest or Northeastern U.S.). There are no risks or benefits should you choose to participate. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail message to:


Kindly complete the survey by September 30, 2009.


Thank you for your time,




Irena Kenneley, APRN-BC, PhD, CIC


Case Western Reserve University, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing


The International Home Care Nurses Organization Survey


We have had a very positive response to the question about the need for a home care nurse-focused organization. I thank all of you who took time to write to me with your ideas and thoughts. As we continue to assess your needs and the structure of the new organization, kindly take a few minutes to complete a survey tool to help determine the next steps.


Please log on to We need your comments and completed survey tool by Tuesday, June 30, 2009.


Thank you in advance for your participation!!