1. Section Editor(s): Ryan, Angela MS, NNP-BC

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The NANN and NANNP's Health Policy & Advocacy Committee invites readers to visit our new committee Web pages. From the NANN home page, click on Health Policy & Advocacy Initiatives (or, from the NANNP page, click on Advocacy). This will take you to a wide array of information about NANN and NANNP's work on your behalf in the legislative arena, including the following:


* Association legislative agenda for the current congress


* A list of the Association's health policy priorities


* A Health Policy & Advocacy toolkit to help you become involved in advocacy


* A NANN Advocacy fact sheet


* Updates regarding current legislation of interest or importance to NANN


* Action alerts that require your immediate support and action


* A link to an Advocacy Listserv to receive advocacy updates via e-mail (our grassroots network)


* A list of NANN's advocacy alliances and partners


* NANN's recent advocacy activities


* A link to NIWI (Nurse in Washington Internship) for interested members


* Information about the Health Policy & Advocacy Committee, and how to contact us.



We would love to hear from you regarding your health policy issues and concerns (state or federal) and any advocacy activities that you have undertaken. Contact us at