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culture, healthy workplace, nursing shortage, retention, shared decision making, transformation



  1. Reed, Charles C. MSN, RN, CNRN
  2. Gerhardt, Susan D. MSN, RN
  3. Fonseca, Ileana MPA, ADN, RN
  4. Robertson, Kathryn BSN, RN


This case study describes the implementation of the Parsons' Healthy Workplace Theory and Intervention in a surgical intensive care unit in a level 1 trauma facility. This intervention and change strategy was the impetus for the creation of a more positive work environment by developing and empowering staff. The process led to shared decision making and development of action planning teams that subsequently became unit-based committees. The committees have focused goals, action plans, and timelines for achieving those goals. Transforming care and the enculturation of shared decision making at the bedside is essential for improving quality of patient care and for recruitment and retention of nurses.