1. Scott, Marshall M.Div, BCC

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With interest, I read the October-December 2008 article, "Can In-Service Education Help Prepare Nurses for Spiritual Care?" by Anna Cerra and Joyce Fitzpatrick. As a chaplain, I work more with nursing than with any other profession and am dependent on good referrals from nurses. I believe this pilot study could be replicated by chaplains in a variety of settings, and with real value.


Regarding the research: First, the pool is self-selected. I wonder how the study might have been affected by a more randomized group. Second, the bibliography shows a limited awareness of available research. I encourage nurses doing research on spirituality and spiritual care to become familiar with the work of Dr. Harold Koenig, the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, the Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy, and Chaplaincy Today; as well as the Duke Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health and the George Washington [University] Institute for Spirituality and Health.


Marshall Scott, M.Div, BCC


Chaplain and Manager Overland Park, Kansas