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  1. Tregunno, Deborah PhD, RN
  2. Jeffs, Lianne MSc, RN
  3. Hall, Linda McGillis PhD, RN
  4. Baker, Ross PhD
  5. Doran, Diane PhD, RN
  6. Bassett, Sue Bookey MEd, RN


Objective: To explore nursing leadership for patient safety in critical care and identify opportunities to improve leadership that promotes patient safety.


Background: There is limited systematic evidence about how nurses lead the microsystem of critical care and to the creation of a culture of patient safety.


Methods: Focus groups of multidisciplinary frontline providers and managers were used to gain insight into leadership that promotes patient safety and learning.


Results: Gains in critical care patient safety require a skilled nursing leader who is mindful of bedside situations and has real-time decision-making authority. Patient safety is seen as management of the moment, rather than a function of organizational systems and processes.


Conclusion: Leadership for improved patient safety resides primarily with nurses who provide direct patient care. These nurse leaders play 3 critical roles: they are the "go-to," they are "on the ball," and they "keep the ball rolling."