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With today's advanced technology, the World Wide Web has accelerated the exchange of information to reach nearly warp-speed results. Instant information is available with the mere pressing of our fingertips to a computer or cell phone keyboard-reaching around the globe. At times, the immense quantity of information related to healthcare in general, and nursing specifically, can be overwhelming. The hunter and gatherer of useful, timely, and clinically relevant information must sift through layers of Web sites, advertisements, and just plain litter strewn all over the information superhighway.

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To streamline this gathering of information, our goal at Nursing made Incredibly Easy!! is to provide you with one-stop shopping for all your online needs. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, our publisher and a Wolters Kluwer company, recently launched my LWW, a new, more personalized interface that combines journal content and various media to enable innovative collaboration and sharing among nursing professionals. Although the site is changing, our Web address remains the same:


Our new site will be easy to navigate, and throughout the coming year added features will include:


* all issues of Nursing made Incredibly Easy!! from 2003 forward (All articles are free to subscribers.)


* online-only text


* podcasts and videos


* blogs


* editors' picks and top picks that let you know what we think is particularly noteworthy and what articles users have accessed most often


* networking opportunities, including your comments on articles


* opportunities to create your own collections of articles and audiovisual extras


* the option of receiving really simple syndication (RSS) feeds and e-mailed news alerts. (RSS allows you to subscribe to site updates, such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, or video, and view them all in one place.)



These and other features will be unveiled over the coming year, so visit the site regularly and let us know what you think. And don't be surprised if the next nursing professional you see tapping on the keys of a BlackBerry, laptop, or iPhone is visiting the wealth of nursing information in the many new formats we offer at