1. Searls, T. R. PMHCNS-BC, PMHNP-BC

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I am a psychiatric advanced practice nurse. In the July issue of AJN, the inside back cover had a full-page color ad for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, accusing the psychiatric profession of deception. This organization is an offshoot of the Church of Scientology, and its message has no place in a respected journal. The ad is incorrect, misleading, and slanderous to every nurse working with the mentally ill. I'm astonished that you allowed it to be printed.


As a nurse and a prescriber of psychiatric medications, I ask that you no longer allow this fine journal to be a platform for this group.




Richmond, VA


Editor's note: We received similar complaints about this ad from other psychiatric nurses, and we agree. AJN will no longer carry ads from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Our thanks to those who wrote.