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Music therapy, High-risk pregnancy, Bedrest, Antepartal, Chinese



  1. Yang, Min MSN, RN
  2. Li, Lingjiang MD
  3. Zhu, Haili MSN, RN
  4. Alexander, Ivy M. PhD, CANP, APRN
  5. Liu, Shan PhD, MSN, RN
  6. Zhou, Wei MSN, RN
  7. Ren, Xiaohong MSN, RN


Purpose: To explore the effect of music therapy on anxiety alleviation for antepartal women on bedrest in China.


Design and Methods: One hundred and twenty patients recruited from one tertiary hospital in Changsha city, China were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial. Women in the experimental group received music therapy for 30 minutes on 3 consecutive days. Usual care participants had a 30-minute rest on 3 consecutive days. Variables included anxiety (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory), and physiological responses (vital signs, fetal heart rate). Descriptive statistics, t tests, [chi]2 tests, Wilcoxon rank sum tests, and Pearson correlation analyses were used to analyze the data.


Results: Anxiety levels decreased and physiological responses improved significantly in the intervention group, which was provided with music therapy while on bedrest.


Clinical Implications: Carefully selected music that incorporates a patient's own preferences may offer an inexpensive and effective method to reduce anxiety for antepartal women with high risk pregnancies who are on bedrest.