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  1. Turkelson, Sandra L.
  2. Martin, Caron


Polymicrogyria is one of several neuronal migrational defects. This disorder is derived from a malformation in cortical development characterized by many small gyri, shallow sulci, and abnormal cortical layering. The potential causes of polymicrogyria include genetic disorders, intrauterine cytomegalovirus infection, and fetal vascular supply disruption. A wide variation in the extent of findings exists, ranging from minor deficits to profound neurological dysfunction. Seizures, feeding problems, elimination, physical mobility, and psychosocial issues must be managed for children with polymicrogyria. Children with this disorder require collaborative care from healthcare practitioners and parents to achieve their highest level of health. The incidence of neuronal migrational defects is approximately 1 in 2,500 live births (L. Villard et al., 2002). The diagnosis of these disorders has increased with improvement of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology (A. J. Barkovich, R. Hevner, & R. Guerrini, 1999).