1. Section Editor(s): Snowden, Frances BS, RN, CRRN, CCM

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Lewis E. Vierling updates us to the issues and visions of The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). The purpose of ADAAA is twofold: The scope of protection for individuals with disabilities has been broadened. Reinforcement of "regarded as" meaning having a disability as originally intended by the Congress.


Highlights of Lew's updates are


* discussion of mitigating measures,


* definition of the standard for being "Regarded as Disabled," and


* discussion on the "Assessment Progress."



Lew's final vision for the case manager "is to be aware that the range and protection for the individual with disabilities will expand significantly under the new law."


Jolynne "Jo" Carter gives us a very clear message as to the importance of certification and the benefits for the professional.


Major points in this discussion are


* protecting the consumer,


* recognition in the workplace,


* profession distinction,


* pride in your professional development, and


* understanding eligibility.



This discussion demonstrates the image of the certification that is reflected to other professionals they are working with. It underwrites the value of the contribution that the individual who has earned the certification gives to the care of patients.


Lawrence S. Forman, Darlene Corruthers, and Ronnie B. Londner shine a light for the readers on aging. "The Golden Years?" Their opening statement sets the tone: "Aging at best is discouraging." Accept the aging cycle, then research what to expect in the aging process.


Armed with this information,


* plan for the downside in health,


* identify treatment problems associated with aging,


* implement options to improve energy levels, and


* define Life Care Plans that look ahead.



This group sum-up; the aging cycle's needs-act proactively to replace lost functions and create new adventures for the aging based on new and rewarding interest.


Frances Snowden, BS, RN, CRRN, CCM Contributing Editor