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  1. Shapiro, Susan E. PhD, RN
  2. Bailey, Valentina RN
  3. Buick, Maureen MS, RN
  4. Burke, Kathleen RN
  5. Carroll, Maureen RN
  6. Christensen, Sherrie RN, CN IV
  7. Worobel-Luk, Pamela BSN, RN
  8. Vidyarthi, Arpana MD


In this article, the authors describe a conceptually based training program designed to improve staff nurses' ability to successfully rescue patients. The 4-hour program includes both didactic material and a minimum of 1-hour skills' sessions. It was taught entirely by senior staff nurses skilled in crisis communications. Components of this successful program have been included in new employee orientation, and the entire program continues to be taught twice a year.