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  1. Sitzman, Kathleen L. PhD, RN
  2. Leiss, Jack K. PhD


Working conditions related to unrestrained pets, unruly children, clutter, and poor lighting during home healthcare visits are considered normal aspects of care providers' jobs. To date, there has been no documentation related to how often these factors are present in the home healthcare setting during home visits. In this study, 833 home healthcare nurses practicing in North Carolina answered a questionnaire that included items related to how often unrestrained pets, unruly children, poor lighting, and clutter existed in the homes they visited. Results showed that one-third to one-half of the respondents usually or always visited homes with unrestrained pets, clutter, or poor lighting and few nurses usually or always visited homes with uncontrolled children. Better understanding of the prevalence of these factors will facilitate further study related to their effects on safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction for home healthcare workers.