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Evidence-based decision making, Health information literacy, Skill building



  1. Leasure, A. Renee PhD, RN, CCRN, CNS
  2. Delise, Donna MS, RN
  3. Clifton, Shari C. MLIS, AHIP
  4. Pascucci, Mary Ann PhD, RN, APRN, G-CNS


To produce a healthcare provider who is competent in accessing health information, nursing faculty members, in tandem with medical librarians, play a crucial role in establishing the knowledge base for student competency in health information literacy. The time to prepare nursing students to meet the information challenges and opportunities of today's healthcare environment is not after graduation, but rather while they are in school. By incorporating health information literacy skill building throughout the curriculum, nursing faculty members can prepare their students to enter the workforce equipped with the skills they need to find, retrieve, appraise, and apply information to their clinical practice.