1. Freda, Margaret Comerford EdD, RN, CHES, FAAN

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As the world moves toward Internet communication above all other methodologies, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins has taken up the challenge to help its nursing journal readers take full advantage of all that the World Wide Web has to offer. This fall they launched a new and updated Web site for all their nursing journals, and I'm excited to tell you about what we'll be able to offer at MCN!! First, you should know (if you don't know already) that if you subscribe to MCN, you have full access to its Web site ( With the newly improved Web site, you'll have additional features, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.


First, when each new issue of MCN is published, I'll have a message on the site pointing out some of the reasons why the articles were chosen and some special things about the articles to help peak your interest in reading them. I'm also planning to include information about how to (and why you'd want to) become a reviewer for MCN. If you want to add a new educational experience to your bag of professional tricks as a nurse, this could be where you would start. I'll also be publishing the names of MCN's current list of peer reviewers on the new Web site, so they will always get the affirmation they deserve for the great job they do in their scholarly reviews of our manuscripts. I'm planning to place some links to interesting collections of previously published articles on the site so that if you're interested in something particular, like breastfeeding or kangaroo care, you can see a grouping of articles published about that topic in MCN. Because I'm passionate about the idea of nurses publishing in journals, I'll also have some tips for how you can get an article published. I'll also post the names of the winners of the MCN Paper of the Year Awards annually, and maybe you'll be inspired to submit an article and be in the running for that award next year!! You'll probably be interested in knowing what great articles are in the pipeline, already accepted, and waiting for publication in MCN, so I'll also put some titles of upcoming articles to whet your intellectual appetite!! Announcements such as "Call for Reviewers" or "Call for Submissions" will appear on the Web site as well. I'm so excited about all the possibilities for this new Web site, and I hope you will join in by clicking on often. You can download printed articles to share with your colleagues and use for your journal clubs, thus contributing to our profession's commitment to evidence-based practice. If I have accepted a paper that I think is extremely important for practice and needs to be published quickly, I'll be able to put that on the Web site before it even comes out in the paper version as "publish ahead of print." This Web site will allow both of us to enjoy MCN even more than we do right now!!


There are many options available with this new Web site, and I'd love to hear from you out there telling me how we could make the Web site work even better for you and what features you might enjoy. If I can do what you want, I'll try to do it!! Go to our new Web site and experience it. I think you'll be as thrilled as I am.