1. Kamphaus, Julie BSN, RN, CDE

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As I read "Unsafe Injection Practices Put Patients at Risk" (Drug Watch, July), two things struck me. First, the possible dangers and issues discussed pertained to insulin pen use only. Aren't these same issues a concern with injections of any kind? Insulin vials lend themselves to the same issues, as do all multiuse vials. Anytime someone needs an injection, there is the potential for poor technique, needlestick injury, and incorrect dosing.


Second, although it's the responsibility of the facility to provide adequate staff inservicing and education, where is the discussion about the accountability of the professional who improperly administers the medication? Many drugs and devices have come under scrutiny for their potential danger to patients-as they should-but isn't it time we also looked at the whole picture, including individual professional ability and accountability?


Julie Kamphaus, BSN, RN, CDE


Fremont, NE