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  1. Lefferts, Anne RN, MSN, APN
  2. Parkhill, Andrea RN, BSN
  3. Cadigan, Darlene RN
  4. Clayton, Marianne RN, MSN
  5. Dugan-Merkler, Maggie RN


BEDBUGS HAVE BEEN A WORLDWIDE PROBLEM SINCE THE DARK AGES, but had been almost nonexistent in the industrialized world since the mid-twentieth century (Hwang et al., 2005). Recently, a resurgence of bedbugs has been noted in industrialized nations, including the United States. Their presence has been increasing exponentially. Infestations are occurring in hotels, dormitories, vacation resorts, and personal dwellings, unlike that of the past, which were mainly found in crowded, unclean urban environments (Hwang et al.).