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Molnlycke Health Care

Mepitel One. This advanced wound contact layer dressing features Safetac technology on the wound contact side only for easy handling and application. The Safetac layer minimizes trauma to the wound and pain to the patient during dressing changes. A polyurethane net backing offers an open mesh structure that allows for transfer of exudate and application of topical treatments, and it is highly transparent for easy wound inspection. Mepitel One minimizes the risk of maceration, does not leave residues in the wound bed, and does not dry out, according to the manufacturer. Mepitel One may be left in place for up to 14 days, depending on the condition of the wound, which reduces the necessity for frequent primary dressing changes.


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Posey Company

PRO-heeLx Heel Protector. This comfortable foot protector helps protect against heel ulcers and footdrop. By elevating the foot and separating the heel from the mattress, the PRO-heeLx provides complete heel pressure relief for bedridden and at-risk patients. The soft Ortho-Wick fabric liner in the PRO-heeLx helps minimize heat, moisture, friction, and shear on a patient's feet, heels, and ankles, according to the manufacturer. The PRO-heeLx features durable straps that are easily adjustable to help deliver maximum support to the bottom of the foot and is available in 3 comfort-fit sizes. It also features an optional lateral positioning wedge to help prevent footdrop.

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Systagenix Wound Management

SILVERCEL nonadherent dressing. This new antimicrobial silver dressing has a unique nonadherent layer that controls infection and minimizes trauma with each dressing change. The dressing can be removed in one piece without adhering to the wound bed. Suitable for infected, chronic, and acute wounds, SILVERCEL nonadherent dressing has been designed to leave nothing behind but a clean, healing wound. The product may help reduce infection in pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, donor sites, and traumatic and surgical wounds, according to the manufacturer.


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