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Pamela S. Dickerson (Editor), 2007, Oncology Nursing Society, P.O. Box 3510, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3510, Price: US$24.95, 308 pages, ISBN 978-1-890504-61-8, paper.


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Orpha Ale Mineque, BSN, RN, CCRN MICU/CCU Staff Nurse, Baypines VA Healthcare Systems Bay Pines, Florida


The cover of the book is catchy enough to categorize it as one designed for women. The pink color and the flowers are appropriate for the topic of women's health. I found the book interesting. It gives sufficient information on most of the women's diseases mentioned in the book. Categorizing each disease by the body system is a plus; the reader has easy accessibility to specific diseases. The information provided in each section is direct, concise, and easily understood. The book covers most of the important topics about the disease, such as the disease mechanism, signs and symptoms, diagnostic testing, and treatments.


I particularly like the way each topic/disease is presented in a questions and answer format. The answers are short and comprehensible. This format will make it faster and easier to obtain the information needed on a particular disease. The book also contains contact information for support groups, which may be important for healthcare practitioners but more so for lay persons who may read the book


This book would be great for practicing nurses whose job entails a lot of health teaching especially in the women's clinic or ambulatory surgical unit, for students preparing for presentation on disease processes or term papers, or for anyone who is reviewing for a nursing certification examination.


Educators could use the book in preparing learning materials for class presentations. Readers will also be able to use the references provided for additional research on the topics/disease processes.