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multistate learning collaborative, PDSA, performance review, pierce county, public health, QI, quality improvement, rapid cycle improvement, RCI, Robert Wood Johnson, RWJ, standards, standards performance review, Tacoma, Washington State



  1. Mason, Marlene BSN, MBA
  2. Schmidt, Rita BS, MPH
  3. Gizzi, Cindan MPH
  4. Ramsey, Susan


Washington state used the Multistate Learning Collaborative grants to address improvement opportunities identified through the results of the Standards Performance Review cycles and county-specific local public health indicators. State and local health departments initiated statewide collaboratives to address the high priorities for system and individual health department improvements. Two individual agency quality improvement efforts are highlighted, one in a large local health department and the other in the State Department of Health, with emphasis on the results in establishing an agency quality improvement infrastructure and Rapid Cycle Improvement teams.