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public health, quality improvement, transformational change



  1. Riley, William J. PhD
  2. Parsons, Helen M. MPH
  3. Duffy, Grace L. MBA, BADS, LSSMBB, CQA, CMQ-OE, CQIA
  4. Moran, John W. PhD, MBA, CQIA, CQM, CMC
  5. Henry, Brenda PhD, MPH


Objective: This article discusses the specific components necessary to achieve transformational change within public health departments as a means for creating sustained performance improvement and better outcomes in the health of the community.


Design: This article provides a review of transformation change concepts and application to public health departments.


Results: Transformational change for public health departments must be intentionally designed to achieve high performance. While all improvement requires change, not all change results in improvement.


Conclusion: The successful transformational change effort always occurs from the top-down, while the process improvement occurs from the bottom-up. Transformational change is possible in public health departments when small incremental improvements are linked with large-scale management changes to continually improve public health performance resulting in better population outcomes.