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Successful evidence-based practice (EBP) depends on high-quality nursing research. Reports of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) and other rigorous research studies are needed in the nursing literature to support an EBP approach to many practice problems. Yet, progress in translating research into practice through the EBP process is evident, and we at Nursing Research are pleased to play a part in this success.


The supplement to this issue of Nursing Research makes a unique contribution to the EBP nursing literature because it features articles focused on creating a culture of EBP in the U.S. military healthcare system. The projects reported in the supplement, designed to increase the use of EBP in the military healthcare system, reflect challenges that may be present in any system. Advantages of an EBP culture in this healthcare system are also highlighted. Most of the projects were guided by a widely used model to support EBP implementation within healthcare systems (Titler et al., 2001).


Resources needed for creating a culture of EBP, including procedures and examples, are plentiful in the nursing literature, and conditions needed for EBP success are well known. Ongoing support from administration, as well as buy-in by those affected by practice change-nurses and others-is a necessary ingredient. An understanding of the research process is foundational to the development of EBP skills. For example, critically appraising and grading the quality of the evidence may be a new experience for many nurses. Ultimately, a commitment to constant quality improvement to sustain changes realized by EBP implementation is essential to realizing the yield of EBP.


Evidence-based practice provides a way to translate research into practice where nurses improve the quality of care to patients and reduce variation in practice. We need more rigorous nursing research, especially RCTs, to provide the evidence to support EBP. At Nursing Research, we concentrate on bringing our readers the best nursing research available and, whenever possible, RCTs.


Molly C. Dougherty, PhD, RN






Titler, M. G., Kleiber, C., Steelman, V. J., Rakel, B. A., Budreau, G., Everett, L. Q., et al. (2001). The Iowa model of evidence-based practice to promote quality care. Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America, 13(4), 497-509. [Context Link]