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NANN's 25th Anniversary was celebrated at the annual conference and business meeting held in Austin, Texas. More than 800 people attended, which was an increase over the previous year. In addition to the diverse educational offerings, the business meeting highlighted NANN's accomplishments this past year and plans for the coming year, focusing on the 4 areas of the association's strategic plan: education, membership engagement, advocacy, and research.


President Lori Armstrong noted that recent NANN products, such as Foundations, the NANN-developed Orientation Program, and the Resource Guide for High-Frequency Jet & Oscillatory Ventilation in the NICU produced by NANNP, have been very well received. NANN's Policy and Procedure Manual continues to be well-received, and an updating of the manual is planned for 2010. In addition, for the first time, most of the presentations from the conference were made available for purchase at the conference in CD-ROM or MP3 format, enabling attendees to share the valuable information from the conference with colleagues or to review it at a later time. NANN's Web cast series, "Ask the Professor," was also highlighted as a source of education through a different, state-of-the-art vehicle, providing information on topics that members have indicated that they need. NANN is also planning an online certification review course that is in the early stages of development.


Research is an area of strategic planning that continues to grow. Eighteen people attended the Research Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, last April. The 2009 Research Summit Abstracts were featured in the August issue of Advances in Neonatal Care (ANC). The Research Summit is generously supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Mead Johnson Nutritionals.


Social networking and electronic communication has evolved over the past year as a means to keep members up-to-date. NANN's new e-newsletter, in addition to NANN Central, and the NANN pages in ANC, is a new vehicle for staying in touch with members. The newsletter is sent every other month, so it is important that NANN has your current e-mail address so that you do not miss all the NANN news including a timely educational feature article, new products and publications, NANN board updates, and important deadlines.


NANN is continuously exploring new ways to keep neonatal nurses connected with what is going on at the annual meeting, and the organization's day-to-day happenings. As of early October, NANN's fan page on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups had more than 2000 fans, followers, and members combined. Through these social networking venues, members and nonmembers alike are commenting on and discussing the latest news for neonatal nurses. In addition, NANN President Lori Armstrong gave her perspective on NANN's 25th Annual Educational Conference through NANN's Official Conference Blog. NANN invites you to join the interaction and connect with NANN online today!!


* Facebook: Search "NANN" or "National Association of Neonatal Nurses" on Facebook (Pages) and click "Become a Fan."


* Twitter: Visit and click "Follow."


* LinkedIn: Search "NANN" or "NANNP" on LinkedIn and click "Join this group."


* Blog: Visit to read NANN President Lori Armstrong's conference blog.



Finally, NANN celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a dessert reception and party. Members wore their very best 1980s clothing and danced the evening away with friends and colleagues to music celebrating the 1980s, in recognition of NANN's founding in 1984.



The Health Policy & Advocacy Committee was very active at the annual conference with a booth in the exhibit hall, a roundtable forum, and a presence at various committee meetings.


The committee is actively seeking NANN and NANNP members to be state liaisons and also looking for additional committee members. Even if you are not interested in being a regular liaison, feel free to send in state news that you think is important for our members. You can get more involved with the Health Policy & Advocacy Committee, or send your state news via e-mail to


To get involved with the Health Policy & Advocacy Committee:


* Become familiar with NANN/NANNP's health policy agenda at


* Join the NANN Advocacy listserv under Members Only.


* Monitor the NANN Web site for Calls to Action.


* Fax, e-mail, or phone your representatives about important issues.


* Tell us what is happening in your state.




In the 21/2 years since NANNP was established, this division of NANN has been working on several legislative and professional issues that would impact the professional and clinical practice of NNPs. This year NANNP built on prior achievements as an organization. NANNP has had an active role in all 4 areas of strategic planning. Of note is NANNP's role in advocacy for NNPs with National State Boards of Nursing explaining why NNPs should hold leadership positions at the State Board level, and efforts by the NANNP Council to communicate with the 6 state boards of nursing that do not allow NNPs to write for Schedule II drugs in a critical care unit. NANNP, along with NANN, created a joint Health Policy and Advocacy Committee. NANNP worked with the Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief on a consensus document regarding requests to Congress for funding for 2010 Nursing Workforce Development programs(nursing funding in the stimulus package, and supporting appropriations for nursing funding in the House and Senate. NANN and NANNP also sent 2 neonatal nursing professionals to the Washington Internship meeting this year.


A representative from the NANNP Council has been involved in the LACE (licensure, accreditation, certification, and education) Network development and provided a report to NANNP members at the NANNP luncheon. More information will be forthcoming from NANN and NANNP as this network's efforts evolve. It is important for NANN and NANNP to be involved in this strategic effort, in order to provide input for neonatal advanced practice nurses.


A second annual faculty summit reviewing the revised NNP Educational Standards was held in association with the 2009 conference.


NANNP held its first "Procedural Skills Competency Lab" at the Austin meeting. The Lab filled all of its slots and members were able to learn and practice placing percutaneous and standard chest tubes and umbilical lines and exchange transfusion using the fetal pig model. NANNP hopes to offer this program at the national meeting each year.


NANNP is growing rapidly. Healthcare is changing rapidly and each advanced practice nurse must be actively involved to ensure that the role of the NNP is positioned for the future. As the national association that speaks to the issues that impact NNPs, we must ensure that NNPs join and become active. NANNP has developed liaison roles with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). NANNP's membership with AANP provides our members with a reduction in AANP dues, practice and legislative consultation, an NP professional and lobbyist in Washington, DC, and ability to apply for a health policy leadership fellowship[AQ1]. More information can be found on the NANNP Web site. We hope to hear from you regarding what we can do to improve what you do. Please encourage your colleague to join NANNP so we can continue to do the work that allows you to improve care.



A new Position Statement, Medication Safety in the NICU, has just been completed and released. Also to be released before the end of the year is the Position Statement, Educational Preparation for Nursing Practice Roles.



Awards were presented at the annual business meeting. The award recipients are listed below, with detailed information about the awards and award recipients in NANN Central.


* Robyn Main Excellence in Clinical Practice AwardBarbara J. Hering, MSN, RNC-NIC, CCNS


* Lifetime Achievement in Neonatal Nursing AwardCharles Rait, BSN, RN, PNC, MSEd


* Distinguished Service AwardRobin Bissinger, PhD, RNC, NNP


* Research Abstract AwardBrad Kuch, BS, RRT-NPS


* Leadership AwardMary Ellen Honeyfield, RNC, MS, NNP


* Chapter of the Year AwardThe Southeastern Michigan Association of Neonatal Nurses


* Individual Chapter ProjectsChapter Communications: Central California Association of Neonatal Nurses



Community Service: Delaware Valley Association of Neonatal Nurses


Educational Offerings: Delaware Valley Association of Neonatal Nurses


Fundraising Efforts: Delaware Valley Association of Neonatal Nurses


Membership Recruitment and Retention: Delaware Valley Association of Neonatal Nurses



Join us for the 26th Annual Conference, September 19-22, 2010 (Sunday through Wednesday) at the Paris Hotel in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada!! Watch the NANN Web site for more information.