Delphi methods, nurse workload, nursing interventions classification



  1. de Cordova, Pamela B. MSN, RN-BC
  2. Lucero, Robert J. PhD, MPH, RN
  3. Hyun, Sookyung DNSc, RN
  4. Quinlan, Patricia MPA, RN, CPHQ
  5. Price, Kwanza MPH
  6. Stone, Patricia W. PhD, FAAN


Standardized terminologies, such as the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) taxonomy, may be used in multiple ways to represent nursing constructs. This study is the first known to explore the NIC as a framework for the development of a nursing workload measure. While the NIC may not represent the complexity of nurses' work, the classification system may represent uniformly the work of nurses in health information systems to yield reliable data for a nursing workload measure.