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  1. Abraham, Liza Mathais MSN, CRNP, CCNS


OBJECTIVE: To discuss the clinical efficacy, indications, and application of Xenaderm in wound care management.


DATA SOURCES: Healthcare literature from Medline and Ovid databases that focus on clinical trials and case studies that used Xenaderm to evaluate duration of wound healing.


STUDY SELECTION: Inclusion criteria for article selection: (1) articles on clinical trials and case studies in which Xenaderm was the focus of the wound therapy, (2) articles written in English, and (3) articles published later than 2003. Studies that did not meet the inclusion criteria were excluded.


CONCLUSION: Outcomes from clinical trials demonstrate that Xenaderm is efficacious and successful in healing wounds twice as fast as saline-treated wounds. Use of Xenaderm is considered safe and cost-effective. Xenaderm is eligible to be included in the wound care management algorithm and is recommended to be used on most partial-thickness wounds. Results from clinical trials show that Xenaderm is an essential topical therapy to facilitate wound healing, decrease hospital financial costs, and improve the quality of life for patients who acquire iatrogenic skin damage.