1. Puetz, Belinda E. PhD, RN

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Did you notice? The Journal for Nurses in Staff Development has a completely new look. The cover has a totally new design, an updated new look, courtesy of the design team at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Thanks to them for providing a contemporary, fresh appearance to the publication.

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As we start a new year for all of us and for the journal, we are trying a few new things. Beginning with the cover, we have also developed a new tag line, Influencing the learning and practice environments, describing Journal for Nurses in Staff Development's intended role in the specialty of nursing professional development.


Inside the journal, you will see new things as well. We have developed a new department titled, Nursing Professional Development: Stories, Tips, and Techniques, coordinated by Michele Deck. The department is intended to provide helpful information to professional development specialists as they work to enhance their practice. The department will include staff development stories (how I did this, what worked and what did not work) and provide just-in-time advice to manage those thorny issues that plague our daily practice.


We are also starting a media reviews department, coordinated by editorial board member Ellen Tichich, to bring you a critical assessment of training films. We believe that this column will be a complimentary adjunct to the already well-established book reviews department, coordinated by Neil Coogan.


Finally, we have started a new feature, entitled Consider This[horizontal ellipsis], which will bring you short contributions describing a staff development educator's successful approach to orientation, preceptorship, inservice education, or Magnet preparation, among others, that can be replicated in a variety of venues and from which it is hoped that your practice will benefit.


So in this new year as we make our personal resolutions, we are also making a resolution for the journal-to continue to focus on continuously improving the journal's value to you as a professional development specialist. Let us know how we are doing!


Happy New Year!