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aging, assistive technology, home modifications, independence



  1. Mann, William C. PhD, OTR
  2. de Mello, Maria Aparecida Ferreira PhD, OT


This article provides a review of studies on assistive technology (AT) use by older persons in the United States and Brazil. There has been very little study of AT use in Brazil. The Brazilian author of this article conducted the one study that specifically explored the use of AT by older Brazilians. Economic, political, and cultural differences between the United States and Brazil likely account for the lower rate of AT use in Brazil. Another important difference between the United States and Brazil is the disproportionately smaller number of occupational therapists (OTs) in Brazil, while in the United States OTs are the primary healthcare professionals for assessing need, recommending AT, and training individuals in the use of the AT. The need for additional research is highlighted in the conclusion of this article.