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Advanced practice registered nurse, Congestive heart failure, Heart failure



  1. Case, Rachel MSN, RN, FNP-C
  2. Haynes, Donna BSN, MSN
  3. Holaday, Bonnie BS, MN, DNS
  4. Parker, Veronica G. BS, PhD


Heart failure (HF) is a chronic debilitating illness that affects millions of Americans each year. Patients with HF are faced with chronic physical symptoms, emotional strain, and significant socioeconomic burden. Goals in the management of HF are to slow the disease progression, decrease symptom acuity, and prevent exacerbations that lead to hospital readmission. Management of HF remains a challenge for healthcare providers. There is a fine balance between optimizing patient functioning and minimizing healthcare expenditures. With the incidence of HF increasing annually, it is important to have effective disease management strategies in place. In any disease management program, it is important to follow those guidelines outlined by evidence-based practice. The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate current evidence-based practice and determine what benefit exists of having an advanced practice registered nurse assist in the management of patients with HF.