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faculty practice, faith and health, homeless, parish nursing, social responsibility, spirituality



  1. Connor, Ann MSN, RN, C-FNP
  2. Donohue, Monica L. MN, RN


This article describes the Parish Nurse Faculty Practice Model (PNFPM), which provides care to a medically underserved, high-risk homeless population at a community-based, multipartner service center. The PNFPM offers a holistic integrated approach to care of the mind, body, and spirit and encourages those who are homeless to draw on their faith to improve their health. The faculty practice integrates faith and spirituality as a way to improve health and decrease health disparities using Healthy People 2010's Focus Areas to guide the practice. A variety of approaches are used including art therapy, cognitive behavioral approaches, exercise and health behavior strategies, screenings, advocacy, and referrals. This PNFPM can be replicated by others working with persons who are homeless or other underserved populations.