evidence-based practice, healthcare quality, performance improvement, quality improvement



  1. Levin, Rona F. PhD, RN
  2. Keefer, Jeffrey M. MEd, MA
  3. Marren, Joan MEd, MA, RN
  4. Vetter, MaryJo MS, RN, NPC
  5. Lauder, Bonnie MIS, RN
  6. Sobolewski, Sally MSN, RN


This article presents a new model, Evidence-Based Practice Improvement, for improving patient care. The model merges 2 extant paradigms currently used for quality improvement initiatives-evidence-based practice and practice or performance improvement. The literature expounds on the virtues of each of these approaches, yet no authors have moved beyond parallel play between them. The merged model, Evidence-Based Practice Improvement, may provide a more effective and practical approach to reach our quality goals.