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Flexi-Seal SIGNAL Fecal Management System. Now available in the United States, United Kingdom, and other key European markets, this system has been enhanced with key new features, including a signal indicator that pops to assist clinicians in determining when the device's retention balloon is filled to an appropriate volume. The new signaling feature works as follows: Once the appropriate volume of fluid in the internal retention balloon has been reached, a small bubble pops out on the fill port, located on the external tubing. When the indicator pops out and stays out, filing should stop and should not exceed 45 mL to prevent overinflation. Clinical observation has shown that proper inflation of the retention balloon minimizes the risk of leakage.


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Sof*Care Elite Heel Boot. This boot is designed for use in any healthcare environment to help prevent and treat all stages of pressure ulcers at the foot, heel, and Achilles. Lightweight and pre-inflated to allow for immediate use right out of the package, the Sof*Care Elite Heel Boot completely elevates the heel off the bed surface and floats it on a cushion of air to eliminate heel pressure and protect against pressure ulcer formation, according to the manufacturer. The boot has an open design that allows air circulation around the foot while providing easy access to and visibility of the heel.


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