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Nursing Through the Eyes of Faith

By Christina Feist-Heilmeier


180 pp., Longwood, FL: Xulon Press, 2008, $14.99, paperback.


Review: What really matters in nursing? Caring. This is an upbeat, encouraging book for nurses, which "carries a message of hope and life to nurses in a troubled and challenging profession."


Containing true-life vignettes, quotes, and humor the author addresses caring, calling, faith and science, values, trends, education, and self-care as nurses. The author writes from the perspective of a nurse and nurse-educator.


Need a little encouragement? Take a moment to read from Nurses are from Heaven. You just might feel touched by an angel yourself.-CW



Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I'd Known My First 100 Days On the Job

By Barbara Arnoldussen


272 pp., New York: Kaplan, 2009, $12.00, hardcover.


Review:First Year Nurse offers simple, good, solid advice from experienced nurses. Tips on how to find the right job to getting and staying organized are invaluable. Other topics include basic essentials of the job, mentoring, professional growth, and how to handle challenging patients. The author kept it simple. A list of do's and don'ts from each section followed by direct quotes from nurses with years of experience made this a great read and easy to understand and apply. The advice was practical and honest. Whether you're old or young, have working experience, or are just starting out in the profession, you can benefit from the information provided in this book.-Amy Tunstall, University of Illinois at Chicago nursing student.




Preaching & Teaching Health Ministry

By Deborah L. Patterson


134 pp., Cleveland, OH: Pilgrim, 2009, $26.00, paperback.


Review: Patterson, an ordained minister and executive director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center and Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries in St. Louis, MO, has prepared a collection of sermons, reflections, and discussion questions for churches about health ministry. Patterson's 12 short sermons are personal, warm, and insightful. She addresses the church's biblical calling to health ministry, healthcare access, living healthy lifestyles, supporting families, ministry to the sick, and the health of creation and the world. Each area offers two short sermons, four exploratory reflections, and five discussion questions. I particularly appreciated the questions that are crafted to help us think and dig deeper into ourselves and what our church can do about things like supporting the wholistic health of children, offering compassion to those living with mental health concerns, or caring for the environment. This book offers a great study for churches wanting to grow in caring for people's needs and promote comprehensive health in their congregations.-KSS



An Action Plan for Personal & Global Health

By Nancy Evans


88 pp., St. Louis, MO: International Parish Nurse Resource Center, 2009, $40.00 leader's guide with CD, spiral bound.


Review:Challenge Yourself is a thought-provoking workbook to help churches, small groups, or individuals practically live out the Gospel. Part I offers a "40 Day Challenge" of devotionals that make you think deeply about things like hunger, overindulgence, clean water, suffering, living generously, and God's answers for the world's problems. Part II, "Take a Walk!! Change a Life!!" entails developing an action plan to improve personal health and make a difference in the world. Participants develop a life walk that improves personal health and addresses a need that tugged at your heart in Part I. Ideas are given for mapping out a destination like Malawi or a local area, plotting miles, doing prayer walks, exercising, and raising funds for a project (money for miles, pennies for fruits/vegetables eaten). Part III includes three educational sessions with PowerPoint presentations and lesson notes on healthy living (Breakfast Challenge, Good Beginnings-Parenting, What Do You Want for the Rest of Your Life?).

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When I first looked at Challenge Yourself I thought $40 was expensive. But one workbook allows a leader to copy devotionals and activity charts for a group, and provides PowerPoint slides (for WORD 97-2003). This is a rich resource well worth the price.-KSS