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June 18, 2009

Dear Subscriber,

Think you are educated about sleep apnea? Try your hand at the following questions:

  • What is polysomnography?
  • What is the best sleeping position for someone with sleep apnea?
  • Is sleep apnea more prevalent in men or women?
  • What preparation is necessary prior to surgery for a patient with sleep apnea?
  • Do all patients with sleep apnea snore?
  • What treatment options are available for sleep apnea patients?

Find these answers and more by reading the articles in More Resources. Be sure to try your hand at our newest puzzle, Tossin' and turnin'.

Pathophysiology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Clinical Manifestations and Consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Taking the OR to the Office: Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Wake Up! Uncovering Sleep Apnea Misconceptions CE
A Captive Condition: Childhood Obesity CE

Also, look for our next issue for Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, along with the latest articles and CEs.

Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP
Clinical Edito

Brush up on the basics of mechanical ventilation, including different modes, ventilator strategies, and more in Building a Solid Understanding of Mechanical Ventilation.
(2.5 contact hours) Nursing2009

When not used correctly, pulse oximetry can be misused or overused. Review this technology and current guidelines by reading Pulse Oximetry in Adults.
(2.4 contact hours) AJN, American Journal of Nursing
Also, take time to peruse AJN’s blog post The Common, But Oh-So-Often Misused, Pulse Oximeter: Some Pointers for Nurses.

Stay informed about current standards of practice in diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Don't miss Signs of Improvement: Diabetes Update 2009.
(2.6 contact hours/0.5 advanced pharmacology hour)
The Nurse Practitioner: The American Journal of Primary Health Care

Malignant melanomas are the leading cause of all skin cancer-related deaths. Brush up on the importance of Prevention through Vigilance: Malignant Melanoma Management.
(1.8 contact hours)
Nursing Management

Review our Recommended CE list on sepsis, managing heart failure, acute coronary syndrome...


Acute chest syndrome is a potentially life-threatening complication of sickle-cell disease. Find out What You Need To Know About Acute Chest Syndrome.

Four potential complications of blood transfusions are febrile nonhemolytic (FNH) reactions, acute hemolytic transfusion reactions (AHTRs), transfusion-related acute lung injury, and transfusion-associated circulatory overload. Read more in Seeing red: Complications of Blood Transfusions.
Nursing2009 Critical Care

In nursing, conflict is a particular source of job stress and dissatisfaction. Read about contributing factors to workplace conflict in PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Conflict in the Workplace: Part 1.
AJN, American Journal of Nursing

Review some basic hematology about the white blood cell, the red blood cell, and platelet and update your knowledge of Hematologic Complications of Critical Illness: Anemia, Neutropenia, Thrombocytopenia, and More.
AACN Advanced Critical Care

Browse our Recommended Readings about tips for climbing out of a rut, documenting a patient's initial assessment...

When Poor Oral Care Causes Death

Oral care is often overlooked in nursing homes, with sometimes tragic consequences. Go to AJN's blog to read "When Poor Oral Care Causes Death." There, you can discuss your own experiences on the topic and find links to two recent AJN articles: a case study of a patient who received such poor oral care that he died from asphyxia and a companion article by two dentists that suggests how nurses can overcome barriers to providing good oral care.


Hospital Acquired Conditions:
Prevent and Reduce the Impact

New CMS mandate presents challenges to nursing staff. Reducing the incidence of hospital acquired conditions, including pressure ulcers, catheter-related bloodstream infections and surgical site infections, is not only critical to patient care, it is crucial to minimizing the financial impact on the hospital.

Click here for key strategies.

Live Now! Virtual Open House: Florida Hospital

Incredible opportunities and advantages, across a growing healthcare system with eight distinct Central Florida campus locations.

NursingJobPlus, Lippincott's new premier online destination for nurses seeking jobs, is hosting a Live Virtual Open House. Visit now and Chat Live with nursing recruiters from Florida Hospital. They are actively looking for Registered Nurses and have many opportunities available including: Critical Care, ICU, Labor & Delivery, ED, PACU, Neuro, Oncology, Peds and more.

Visit Florida Hospital's Virtual Open House - Now


Read the articles in the latest Featured Journal online only on NursingCenter. The Featured Journal gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the kind of coverage and clinical information it has to offer. Get to know our journals. The current Featured Journal is...


Grief and depression can be difficult to differentiate from each other because they share several common characteristics. The key difference is that someone who is grieving usually stays connected to others, periodically experiences pleasure, and continues functioning. When a person is depressed, connections with others and the ability to experience even brief periods of pleasure are usually missing. Learn more by reading PSYCH REVIEW: Telling The Difference Between Grief And Depression.


  • Watson Pharmaceuticals has announced a shortage of Infed (iron dextran) injection due to manufacturing delays.
  • Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory is voluntarily recalling several skin sanitizers and protectants after a recent FDA inspection revealed high levels of bacteria in these products.

See more drug news.


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