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  THIS JUST IN July 2011  



An Update on Hereditary Angioedema: Part I
Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, April/June2011

Patients with hereditary angioedema experience repeated episodes of angioedema involving the face, extremities, gastrointestinal tract, and larynx. Learn more about prevention and treatment of acute episodes.

Applied Pharmacology: Management of Hypertensive Emergency and Urgency
Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, April/June2011

Hypertensive emergencies must be treated immediately with intravenous antihypertensive medications; hypertensive urgencies may be treated with oral antihypertensive agents to reduce the blood pressure to baseline or normal over a period of 24-48 hours. Read more about these two hypertensive crises.

Hospital Checklists
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, April/June 2011

In 2009, the World Health Organization's Safe Surgery Saves Lives Program published results of its study, indicating that a safety checklist significantly improved surgical outcomes. This article explores the implications and challenges of implementing checklists in today's hospitals.

Tele-ICUs, Part 2: Adding Value to the Health Care Equation
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, July/September 2011

How can telemedicine positively impact your health system? How is return-on investment demonstrated for a Tele-ICU? Discover these answers and more!

Changing the Status of Acute Severe Asthma
Nursing2011 Critical Care, July 2011

Patients with acute severe asthma (previously known as status asthmaticus) are challenging. Make sure you can recognize the signs and symptoms and intervene quickly.


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Critical Care Nursing at New York’s #1 Hospital


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