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  THIS JUST IN March 2011  



Pediatric Heart Murmurs: Evaluation and Management in Primary Care
The Nurse Practitioner: The American Journal of Primary Health Care, March 2011

Many cardiac murmurs are innocent with no harmful effects, however other cardiac murmurs are indicative of serious and potentially life-threatening problems. Brush up on cardiac assessment, distinguishing features of innocent and pathologic murmurs, differential diagnosis of murmurs, and current referral recommendations.

Progress in Prevention: Motivating Our Patients to Adopt and Maintain Healthy Lifestyles
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, January/February 2011

Patient education is necessary but often insufficient to motivate cardiovascular disease risk-reducing behaviors for many individuals. Discover motivational interviewing - an evidence-based approach which provides useful tools for health professionals who are striving to promote behavior change.

ECG Challenges: It Started With Einthoven: The History of the ECG and Cardiac Monitoring
AACN Advanced Critical Care, January/March 2011

It is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Willem Einthoven, inventor of the electrocardiogram (ECG). Take a look at the development of one of the foundations of critical care nursing through the history of cardiac monitoring.

The Role of Hemodynamics in Sepsis
Nursing2011 Critical Care, March 2011

Sepsis is one of the most complex of all types of hemodynamic disturbances. Review hemodynamic patterns and the recommended treatments for each stage.

Reseach to Practice: Does Gender and Ethnicity Impact Initial Assessment and Management of Chest Pain?
Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, January/March2011

Are there differences in how triage nurses approach the management of patients with chest pain on the basis of gender and ethnicity? Don’t miss the implications and clinical relevance of these findings.

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