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  THIS JUST IN June 2012  



Evidence-Based Guidelines for Blood Transfusion
Journal of Infusion Nursing, May/June 2012

The AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks) has initiated a process to develop evidence-based guidelines for blood transfusion to assist clinicians, other health professionals, and patients in their transfusion decisions.

Evidence for Interventional Procedures as an Adjunct Therapy in the Treatment of Shingles Pain
Advances in Skin & Wound Care, June2012

A comprehensive care management approach, incorporating interventional pain management procedures as an adjunct therapy, will enable patients to have their pain treated as effectively as possible by utilizing appropriate methods available.

New Paradigm in Nutrition Support: Using Evidence to Drive Practice
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, September 2012

Adequate nutrition support is a key component in achieving favorable outcomes for the critically ill patient. Evidence shows that enteral nutrition improves patient outcomes and decreases intensive care unit length of stay by improving splanchnic blood flow, moderating the metabolic response, sustaining gut integrity, and preventing bacterial translocation from the gut to the bloodstream.

Knowledge, Attitudes, Experiences, and Confidence of Nurses in Completing Advance Directives: A Systematic Synthesis of Three Studies
The Journal of Nursing Research, June 2012

This review completed a systematic synthesis of reported results from three survey studies that focused, respectively, on oncology, critical care, and emergency RNs who were members of various professional nursing organizations.


Two new CE activities have been added to the JBI Best Practice collection. Keep up with your CE requirements by learning more about nutritional supplementation in people with dementia and management of short-term indwelling urinary catheters.
Join the discussion on Show Me The Evidence: the blog Lippincott's Evidence-Based Practice Network. Recent posts include:

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