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From the Chief Nurse Anne Woods…

How does the Future of Nursing Report, developed by the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, impact nurse executives and their staffs? Suzanne Smith, Editor-in-Chief of JONA, and Richard Hader, Editor-in-Chief of Nursing Management, joined the Lippincott Nurse Editors Roundtable Webcast on March 22 to discuss the report and how their journals are supporting the initiative. Nursing Management is taking an active role in educating nurse leaders on the Report by publishing a 5-part series on the key messages, running in the March through July issues. The entire Future of Nursing webcast has been archived and is available, free of charge.


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IOM critiques Healthy People 2020

The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review Healthy People 2020 objectives and identify key topics, objectives, and indicators critical to the nation’s needs.

Database tracks healthcare reform legislation

The National Conference of State Legislatures has launched a database to capture state actions related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care Education and Reconciliation Act.

RN staffing: Lives depend on it

An AHRQ-funded study finds that staffing of RNs below target levels is associated with increased patient mortality.

Silence still kills, research finds

According to the national study, “The Silent Treatment: Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren’t Enough to Save Lives,” cultures of silence in U.S. hospitals still undermine safety tool effectiveness.


Appearing in JONA

Nurse executives and the National Priorities Partnership

Top-level nurse leaders contribute to the transformation of American healthcare, one priority at a time.

Appearing in Nursing Management

Forging forward: the Future of Nursing

How can administrators help position nursing as the primary infrastructure to facilitate implementation of evidence-based care?

Bonus Content
Be sure to take advantage of these bonus articles from JONA and Nursing Management. By accessing them through your eNews link, you can read the articles free of charge.

Using clinical EHR metrics to demonstrate quality outcomes
By Susan Stefan, DNP, MBA, MS

Docs: Partners or customers?
By Richard Hader, PhD, NE-BC, RN, CHE, CPHQ, FAAN

Inpatient Wound Care: Overcoming MS-DRG Payment Challenges
Guidance in 'raising the quality bar' of your hospital's claims
Why have inpatient wound care claims become a primary target for Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs)? Often it's because diagnoses and treatments are not properly documented — and therefore are not properly coded. Register today for our April 18 webcast seminar, from which you will gain valuable insights into this often confusing area of medicine. Click here, or call MedLearn at 800-252-1578, ext. 2.






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