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    LPN2009 eNews -- December

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Free H1N1 patient handouts
In response to the growing concern about the H1N1 flu epidemic, Anatomical Chart Company, in conjunction with NursingCenter.com, has developed a free educational handout for health professionals to use to help explain the H1N1 virus to patients. More

Improve your flu vaccination program--Free podcast
The Joint Commission and the CDC are offering a free podcast to help organizations improve the effectiveness of their influenza vaccination program.

Introducing the Safe Use Initiative
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has launched the Safe Use Initiative, a program to identify and reduce preventable medication risks in conjunction with regulatory agencies, healthcare providers, insurers, and consumers. More

Smoking bans effective in reducing heart attacks
Smoking bans reduce heart attacks associated with secondhand smoke, according to a recent Institute of Medicine report.

Healthcare spending rising for middle-aged Americans
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that spending on healthcare for Americans ages 45 to 64 nearly doubled between 1996 and 2006 to $370 billion. More

A call for chronic pain education
More emphasis should be placed on training doctors and healthcare professionals to treat chronic pain, according to a new report by the Mayday Fund Special Committee on Pain and the Practice of Medicine.


  • Get a real world education through simulation
    By Charles W. Fort, MSN, RN
    Click here to find out how human patient simulation can help you perfect your skills and learn from your mistakes in a safe environment.

  • Alarming monitor problems
    By Kathleen M. Weil, MS, BSN, RN
    A patient on continuous cardiac monitoring experiences ventricular fibrillation and dies without her monitor sounding or displaying an alarm. How can you prevent this from happening? Click here.



Stay up to date on important practice issues with this bonus content from the editors of LPN2009.
  • 7 tips to improve your professional etiquette
    By Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN
    Etiquette is more than just please and thank-you. Knowing how to present yourself in a professional manner helps you stand out and increases your chance for career success. Find out how here.




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