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Welcome to this special edition of LPN eNews, which focuses on psychiatric issues. In your everyday practice, you’re likely encounter patients with psychiatric illness. In this special edition of LPN eNews, you’ll find articles about several common disorders, including anxiety, depression, and delirium. We’ve compiled these articles to help you assess and care for your patients. This special edition of LPN eNews is made available to you by NursingCenter courtesy of The College Network, Inc. You're receiving it because you've indicated in your NursingCenter registration profile that you're an LPN or LVN. If you want to continue receiving this bimonthly eNews, please update your NursingCenter profile (just select the LPN eNews checkbox) or join now to become a member of Nursing Center. It's free!

Delirium: A disturbance of consciousness
Amy Wisniewski RN, CCM, BSN

PSYCH REVIEW: Telling the difference between grief and depression
Ginette G. Ferszt RN, CS, CT, PHD and Mary Leveillee RN, CS, MS

Assessing patients for suicide risk
Sharon M. Valente PhD, PMHCNS, FAAN

Uncovering major depressive disorder
Rosita Rodriguez ANP-BC, NP-C, MSN, DNP(c)


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